Supercharge Your Growth with Event Analytics

Want to become an industry leader? Your company’s performance is strong and your user base is improving. But you are not satisfied and want to push growth to the next level. You need a scalable analysis to work great. Unfortunately, we have seen too much of the growth of companies limited by the lack of ownership of raw data on free analytics platforms (and even some paid). Business analysts must have raw data. It’s important to provide the answers your company needs to stay competitive, grow, and innovate. In the quest to have your data, commercial enterprise analysis solutions are an option, but they can carry a decent price tag.

What if we told you there was an affordable solution without compromise? You can run the company’s advanced platform event analytics using the Snowplow platform and Amazon Web Services. Snowplow Analytics is a top-level, open reference platform analytics policies fitted of track each event while give you full data ownership. What are the benefits of Snowplow Analytics? Force or real-time process, Scale with your business needs, Demand data with BI tools such as Tableau, Spark and Elastic Search, Open source, run for free or in manage service.

Example, Asia events analytics is fully run on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. You can run it in real-time or batch mode. That does the AWS stack: S3, Elastic Map Reduce (Hadoop / Spark), CloudFront, Elastic Weight Balancer, Elastic Compute, Redshift, plus Kinesis to track, enrich and file event-level data. Event-level data can be an event you want to track, from a page view on a website to open the refrigerator door. Snowplow Analytics runs solely on your AWS account; here suggests you control the intact process. Data ownership is important because it gives you the ability to enrich and integrate with other sources, thereby potentially increasing the value of the data.


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